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Sunday September 16th, 2018 by ayudaweb

How are the prices of a room or apartment calculated?

At Roommates Sevilla we specialize in seasonal rentals, where prices vary a lot depending on the period of the year and the duration of the rental.

Renting a room or apartment during Easter or the Seville Fair (high season) is not the same as renting the same apartment during a week in August (low season).

The price difference can be as much as double.

For this reason, we want to explain a little better how we treat the price of our accommodation. Depending on the type of accommodation: holiday apartment, room in shared flat or room with family.

  • Rooms in shared flats:

The prices you will see on the Web start from a base price, calculated for a contract of 10 months, so you can compare the different rooms by price.

To know the exact price and availability of a room, please send us the request with the arrival date and duration of your stay. We will reply as soon as possible with the information, exact price and the procedure to follow to make the reservation.

Example: A room that has a base price of 250 euros per month, for a period of three months from 1 September to 30 November could cost 300 euros per month. The summer months, from June to September, are usually cheaper and on some apartments, the price may be even below the base price.

  • Costs of shared flats:

Electricity, gas, water, telephone and internet charges for shared flats are charged separately and divided by the number of people living on each floor. These costs may vary by floor, depending on whether you have more electrical appliances installed (e. g. air conditioning, heating, fan), telephone, internet, etc.

To give you a rough idea, the costs for shared flats are usually between 25 and 50 euros per month per person.

  • Apartments:

The prices of holiday apartments vary according to several factors: size, area, quality, period and duration of rent.

They can be rented for days (minimum of 3 nights), weeks and months. Prices are reduced as the period is longer.

On our website, you can find quite complete information about the characteristics and prices of each apartment.

In this option, the availability of each apartment is up to date, making the booking process more automated, although you will always need confirmation of the booking to make it effective.

An example: An apartment can cost 60 euros a day, 330 euros for a week, 470 euros for 2 weeks and 550 euros for 3 weeks, or 600 euros a month if rented for several months. In Easter the price may have a noticeable increase.

  • Rooms in family houses:

Prices for this option will depend on whether you want only accommodation, half board or full board. Some families even offer a laundry service. It is best to request a quote with the chosen option and the period of stay and we will answer you with full information and prices of the offers available. Normally prices vary between 300 and 550 depending on the chosen option.

What is bail?

For all flats/apartments a deposit is required as a deposit. The value changes according to the chosen apartment/apartment. Payment of the deposit is the guarantee of having booked the apartment and the value paid will be returned at the end of the contract after having settled all the accounts of the apartment/apartment.

Is there a pick-up service at the airport?

Yes, there is the possibility to hire a pick-up service at the airport directly with Roommates Sevilla for 30€, so that we will pick you up at the airport and drop you off directly at your apartment. You can also take a taxi for about the same time or the bus that leaves every 15-30 minutes and costs approximately 4.00€.

Do the shared flats have bed linen?

The rooms in the shared flats do not have bed linen included. There is the possibility to buy different types of bed sets through Roommates Sevilla.

How do I get the keys?

You should call our office in advance to meet us regarding your arrival at the apartment/apartment.

The phone number you should call for key collection is:

+34 954 987 327.

Our office hours are:

Monday to Friday: 09:00 h – 14:00 h

(Currently closed in the afternoons)

Can a reservation be cancelled?

Yes, once you have made a reservation, in case you want to cancel, you must inform Roommates Sevilla immediately. Cancellations made in less than 30 days from the date of entry into the apartment/apartment will result in loss of the deposit. In case of a cancellation made more than one month in advance, a refund of the deposit may be requested.

1 - Choose accommodation:

Through our website or in our office you can choose the various types of accommodation that Roommates Sevilla has to offer. Once you have chosen the accommodation you can make the reservation.

2 - Deposit:

For all flats/apartments a deposit is required as a security deposit. The value changes according to the chosen apartment/apartment. Payment of the deposit is the guarantee of having booked the apartment and the value paid will be returned at the end of the contract after having settled all the accounts of the apartment/apartment.

3 - Payment of the deposit:

Payment can be made directly at the office, via bank transfer or PayPal. The data required are:

Bank: Caixa Bank

Titular: Housing and Much More Consulting S.L.

Address: Calle Nardo, 10. 41 003 Seville, Spain.

Account number:


IBAN: ES74 2100 7821 7102 0005 6283

PayPal account:

All charges for transfers must be paid by the person sending the payment.

4 - Confirmation of payment:

Once the payment has been made, the client must send to our office a fax (+34 954 416 693) or e-mail: with proof of the transfer so that the payment can be verified and the booking confirmed.

5 – Bed linen:

The rooms in the shared flats do not have bed linen included. There is the possibility to buy different types of bed sets through Roommates Sevilla. Just choose the one you like the most:

Package 1 – 15 €
Low sheet + Nordic cover

Package 2 – 20 €
Low sheet + pillow + Nordic cover

Package 3 – 30 €
Low sheet + pillow + Nordic cover + bath towel + hand towel

Package 4 – 35 €
Low sheet + pillow + Nordic cover + Nordic + bath towel + hand towel

6- Delivery of keys:

You will need to call our office in advance to meet us regarding your arrival at the apartment/apartment.

The telephone number to which you must return your keys is: +34 954 987 327

Our office hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 09:00 h – 14:00 h.

Someone can wait for you at your apartment and give you your keys, without having to go through the office. This has a cost of 15 euros.

You can also hire a pick-up service at the airport. We work with several partners, we will make a reservation for you and we will contact you directly so that you can confirm your arrival time.

Another option is to take a taxi for approx. 30,00€ or the bus that leaves every half hour and costs approx. 4,00€.

7 - Cancellation Policy:

Once a reservation has been made, in case you want to cancel, you must immediately inform Roommates Sevilla. Cancellations made within 30 days of the entrance to the apartment/apartment entail the loss of the deposit. In case of a cancellation made more than one month in advance, a refund of the deposit may be requested.

Special rates: Easter and April Fair.


Payment is required by transfer of a deposit as a deposit to confirm your reservation. The value of this deposit will change depending on the nights booked and is independent of the total price of the apartment, which will be paid on arrival. The deposit will be returned by bank transfer in case of no damage to the apartment.


Reservations of less than one month: must be cancelled at least 7 days in advance for the deposit to be refunded.

Reservations longer than one month: must be cancelled at least 15 days in advance for the deposit to be refunded.

Welcome to Seville!!

Try to comply with these rules of security and conviviality to make your stay in the apartment unforgettable.



  • When you finish cooking you should clean all utensils (dishes, pans, cooker, table, etc.).
  • The garbage bags are thrown away daily to prevent insect pests (Ants, cockroaches, etc.). You have containers on the street to put them in.
  • You have the right to use all utensils and there is enough space to put your food.
  • You have to buy your own food, if you need anything from another partner ask him first.


  • You have to leave the bathroom clean after using it, the water coming out of the shower collected and don’t forget to remove the hairs in the bathtub and sink.


  • Don’t stick anything on the wall, you have a cork where you can put your notes and photos (if you don’t have it we’ll make it easy).
  • Do not change the place of the wardrobe, they are very heavy and can break.
  • If you think it’s going to rain, keep the windows closed before you go.
  • Never leave an electric appliance working in your room when you leave, radiators or fans can cause an accident.


  • When you get to your apartment, introduce yourself to your neighbors and learn about community rules.
  • Respect the rest hours of the neighbors, you can’t make loud noises, music or speak loudly after 11 p.m.
  • It is strictly forbidden by the community of neighbors to make parties or barbecues on the roof. It is usually only used to stretch clothes.
  • Don’t let strangers into the apartment, even if they come with accreditation that looks “official.” You do not have to pay any invoice or service without prior authorization from Roommates Sevilla.
  • Close the door well when you leave the floor, also the windows and balconies to prevent possible theft.
  • Before leaving the house, check that water taps, lights, heaters, fans, and TV are turned off.
  • You can’t leave bikes in the communal areas of the building (you should ask the community president).
  • Cleaning of the house is done jointly with your classmates and is mandatory.
  • The things that are on the floor should be in good use. If something doesn’t work, breaks or breaks, you should report it as soon as possible.
  • It is forbidden to bring furniture, mattresses or objects from the street to the floor. When you bring something from the street to the floor you can also bring insects or pests that will stay on the floor.



– You should keep in mind that you live in a shared flat and that Roommates Sevilla makes regular visits to show the rooms that are left free.
– Roommates Sevilla can also make visits to check the general condition of the apartment (common parts) during your stay.
– There’s always a knock on the door before entering each floor or at the bell to let us know that we’re going to pay a visit.
– Visits, whenever possible, will be communicated in advance.


  • When you enter your apartment you will receive a complete set of keys that you will have to return at the end of your stay, to Roommates Sevilla.
  • You are responsible for your keys and in the event of loss, theft or forgetting them inside the apartment, Roommates Sevilla is not responsible for any costs of copies, changes of locks or emergency services.


  • When you finish a washed, wait 5 minutes before opening the door. Don’t force it because it might break.
  • It is the obligation of tenants to keep the washing machine in good working order and to do so the filter of the washing machine must be cleaned at least once a month.
  • Usually washing machine filters are located at the bottom of the washing machine, very close to the floor (some are behind a small lid that must be removed to show the filter).
  • The filter is usually a black cap that must be unscrewed.
  • When you remove it it is normal that a lot of water comes out and that is why you should have some cloths close so that you do not wet the whole kitchen.
  • Once the filter has been removed you should clean it and put it back in place.


  • You should be careful not to put metallic materials, aluminum foil, or other utensils in the microwave that could damage it.
  • You are also responsible for cleaning the microwave, because if the inside of the microwave becomes dirty for a long time it can break the microwave.


  • Cleaning the fridge is important for proper operation and to prevent dirt from accumulating over a few months inside the fridge.
  • The freezer should always be kept free of excess ice and when this happens you should defrost the fridge and do a general cleaning.
  • You should NEVER use knives or sharp objects to remove the ice, just leave the appliance off and wait for everything to thaw.
  • In summer you can put the power of the refrigerator higher, but in winter you should keep it at a minimum to prevent it from getting too cold and forming ice.


  • Trash bags are thrown away daily to prevent insect pests (ants, cockroaches, etc.). You have containers on the street to put them in.
  • The containers with yellow lids are for containers (cans, tetrabricks, plastics, etc). The grey lid bins are for all organic trash and debris. The blue containers are for paper and cardboard and the green ones for glass.


  • Some floors have butane bottles for water heating or cooking. These bottles are bought directly by the tenants.
  • There are weekly deliveries that leave the bottles at the door of your apartment, to find out the times and days you can call the numbers of the companies (REPSOL: 954 22 28 40 – 954 22 28 48 – CEPSA: 955 61 64 87) or ask a neighbor about the times and days of delivery.


  • In your apartment you can have an electric thermos or a gas thermos to heat water. The electric thermos should not touch them and if there is any problem you should communicate it to Roommates Sevilla.
  • In gas-powered thermos, the flame may go out from time to time, either because of the wind or because the butane cylinder has to be changed.
  • To light the thermos you have to press the button that releases the gas and the lighter at the same time (the lighter can be pressed several times until the flame is lit). Once the flame is on you should keep the gas button pressed for a few more seconds (in some older thermos there are no buttons to light and you should use a match)
  • After releasing the gas button you can move the lever to the right (in the position where there is a drawing of flames).
  • Thermos generally have 2 power positions, if you need hot water move it to the right end or turn the button (in some thermos).
  • Do not extinguish the flame that stays on in the thermos, as it must always be on so that the thermos can work automatically.


  • Try to save water, do not leave the faucets open when you do not need them, if any faucet or the cistern is broken, let us know so we can repair them.
  • All floors have separate water and electricity keys.
  • In the event of a breakdown in the water pipes (or water leaks), you should temporarily close the pass key (on many floors there are separate keys in the bathroom and kitchen and can be closed separately). Please save water. It’s a scarce and expensive resource.
  • It is common for an electrical overload to shut off the electricity of the floor for safety. In this case, you should raise the switches, which are usually at the entrance of the floor or above the entrance door.
  • When a power outage occurs due to overload, you should avoid plugging in many appliances at the same time, especially those that need more power, such as washing machines, microwaves, heaters, etc.


  • In case you encounter a very serious emergency, such as fire, medical emergency, robberies, robberies, etc… you should call the number 112 (police, fire department, ambulance, etc…).
  • In case of other emergencies in the apartment, you see that they cannot wait during the normal operating hours of Roommates Sevilla, you can send an SMS to the number: 658 91 49 75 and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please note, we don’t have 24-hour service.
  • Roommates Sevilla will not be responsible for repair services not previously authorised.
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